Together we build the future

BeamWorks' Mission

" We develop AI technologies that enable accessible sharing of medical values so that anyone can enjoy a healthy life anywhere in the world "


Together we build the future

BeamWorks' Mission

BeamWorks dedicates to maximize Beam-Researchers' growth.
Beam-Researchers drive limitless research for the benefit of patients and healthcare providers.

BeamWorks' Vision

Our key product, CadAI-Series, is a ultrasoundcancer diagnostic technology that supports real-time lesion detection and malignancy diagnosis quickly and accurately.

It has been selected as the 23rd Breakthrough Innovative Medical Device and has received GMP and ISO13485 certifications, ensuring safety and quality.

We have attracted cumulative investments of approximately 2 Billion Won from KOTEC and other sources, and currently collaborating with numerous global medical device companies.

In addition, we are establishing international clinical research groups in more than 10 countries, laying the foundation to become a global company.

BeamWorks' Culture

We tend to love what we do and not be satisfied with the present.

We define problems on our own, explore solutions, and constantly try to learn.

We greet our colleagues with a smile, engage in free and open conversations, and listen to each other.

We look forward to welcoming those who want to create a healthcare environment that benefits many.
Join us in spreading positive impact together!

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