Interactive AI Healthcare Platform

Do you have difficulty finding the medical information you want quickly?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the vast amount of medical information?

Have you ever doubted the reliability of medical information?

ever wanted to obtain personalized health information?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then it's the moment when you need ChatAI

BeamWorks 3I-Medical chatbot


디지털 건강 정보의 신뢰성 확보를 위한
컨텐츠 분류 및 전문가 검증

Instant & Interactive

개인별 건강 상황에 맞는 설명과 함께
이해도가 높은 정보 출처 제공

Initiated by Experts

개인 건강상황 이해를 통해
적합한 건강 정보 즉각 제공


sources of information that are easily understandable and tailored to individual health conditions

Instant & Interactive

Immediate provision of appropriate health information based on understanding of individual health conditions

Initiated by Experts

expert verification for ensuring the reliability of digital health information

Go beyond the limitations of digital medical information.

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